Sunday Morning Ride to Mersing

This morning, we head to Mersing! 2 DRZ’s, 3 Honda’s and a Yamaha – we met at B-Point for a quick breakfast and headed off towards the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

We took the scenic coastal route towards Mersing.

As there was a recent road closure of the main road towards Mersing, Google Maps took us on some amazing winding roads to around the supposedly closed road – and Boy! It was some motorcycle paradise!

First stop – lunch!

Although the ride was great, lunch was…. meh! Unexciting mix of some roast pork and rice. We quickly gobbled our food and filled our stomachs before heading to the nearby beach.

Couldn’t resist a selfie moment.
Lining up our bikes for that obligatory photo shoot.
Me and ma trusty Honda.
Another selfie moment.
We took a rest at the nearby warong and had some biker fellowship moments over drinks and freshly-prepared keropok lekor.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Ride to Mersing”

  1. Nice pictures.
    btw. where is this air papan & mersing signage located ?
    can i have the google map location ?

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