Taking my Class 2 TP Test

Today is the day! My Traffic Police motorcycle Class 2 license test is today! Yup! This is it! The pinnacle of motorcycle licensing in Singapore. For those who don’t already know, there are three tiers of motorcycle licensing in Singapore. You start off with Class 2B which limits you to a bike below 200cc displacement. You wait a year later to take the Class 2A test –  200cc to 400cc. And yet another year later before one is qualified to do the Class 2 test – 400cc and above – essentially, an unrestricted license.

I was worried. Just a mere 2 weeks back, I had a severe back injury where I was ambulance’d to the hospital. I snapped my back while lifting a load and I could neither sit up nor stand. Thankfully, it wasn’t a slipped disc nor a broken spine. The x-ray suggested that I tore a muscle, and the prescribed treatment was bed rest. Bummer… But lying on the hospital bed, I was worried sick that I would not be able to recover in time for the motorcycle practical test. And since the Class 2 curriculum requires laying a dummy bike on the floor and then picking it up again, that back injury so near the test date certainly wasn’t very helpful. =(

Rider on test – I am Number 3!

Waiting for my turn to hit the circuit.
It was a beeeeeautiful day!

The body is amazing, and thankfully that bad back healed in time. The weather was beautiful and before long, I completed the test circuit and was waiting for the results to be announced.

Nervously waiting for results in the classroom.

A serial number being called out would mean a failed candidate. Everyone in the room was praying hard to have their number NOT called.

And of the class of 25 test’ees, FOUR numbers were called out….

…none of them were mine!


And that concludes my motorcycle licensing journey – an unrestricted license!

Motorcycle shopping time?

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