Prepping for the Border Reopening

After 2 long years, the Singapore-Malaysia land borders are finally reopening! Gotta prep my bikes for this momentous event! The last oil change on the Sertao was just over a year ago, and it’s barely hit 3000km. F*** you Covid!

Adding a dose of Motul Engine Clean
The Sertao takes 2.3L of 15W50 liquid gold
Taking the opportunity to spruce up the bash plate
You first, my faithful friend. The Monster will be next.

2 thoughts on “Prepping for the Border Reopening”

  1. I have just read your 2016 tour blogs. They’re very well written. Hope you can have some more exciting adventures now that things have opened.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! Glad you’re enjoying my musings here. As I’ve been pretty engaged recently, my biking adventures will probably have to take a momentary backseat for now. Stay tuned though!

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