Sunday Morning Ride to Mersing and Kluang

Today, I ride alone. Kinda reminds me of my 2-month solo ride – where it was just myself, my motorcycle, and my thoughts. It’s pretty therapeutic actually! Today, I head to Mersing – the gateway to the islands of Pulau Tioman and Pulau Aur.

Today’s route – JB-Mersing-Kluang-JB
Beautiful morning weather.

Having a plate of wan ton mee at Mersing.
Exploring Mersing.
That’s the jetty in Mersing where ferries bound for the nearby islands of Tioman and Aur.

Yes, it was raining. Thankfully, I had my Alpinestars AST-1 waterproof pants and my new Sidi full-height boots. So I explored Mersing for a short while before I headed towards Kluang.

The roads from Mersing to Kluang was BEAUTIFUL! A great mix of easy twisties and nice straights. Got the inspiration to sample this route from a post in

Lots of me-moments.
More me-moments. Ooh! Some nice winding roads!
Riding into the horizon.
My lil’ 400X had lots of selfie moments today!

And then, it started raining on the NSHW on the way back… No… not raining… POURING!

Torrential downpour on the NSHW! Visibility was so poor!
And by the time I got home, I look like I’ve gone through some offroad. Urgs!! Need a bike wash!

Alright… no more bloggin’. Gotta wash bike!

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