Sunday Morning Ride – 19 bikes to Sedili

Last Sunday morning, I rode alone. This Sunday, with a large bunch of friends – some old, some new. I counted 19 bikes. We took a leisurely ride to Sedili jetty. And the highlight of our trip to Sedili?…. Eggs!

Sedili soft-boiled eggs served in a coffee cup!
The coffeeshop that serves the eggs.

One-half of the group.
…and the other half!
The bunch of us enjoying the eggs, toast, coffee and just having fun.

And after the eggy breakfast at Sedili, we decided to take a slightly different route back to Singapore.

The Sunday morning ride to Sedili route.
We just had to stop at the Johor Bridge for a group shot!
That’s me running from the centre divider after placing my camera on tripod there!
Going off-(the)-road to take a group shot.

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