Sunday Morning Ride to Zhong Cheng Durian Farm

I’m a durian lover! And this Sunday Morning, we ride to Zhong Cheng Durian Plantation! At less than 50km from the Causeway checkpoint, the durian farm is pretty near Singapore actually. And when we arrived, there’s a short 750m or so of dirt track before we reach the plantation.

The scenery around the plantation.
The plantation owner greeted us and helped us select the durians.

Mmmm…. this one’s GOOD!
Uncle, please open the durian for us!
Rich, yellow, creamy durian!
Yum yum yum!
I think this was the “Green Dragon” species.
We were tempted to take the whole basket, but being on motorcycles, it was too much for us to carry back to Singapore.
Durians so good, so fresh, I just had to bring some back home.

Yeah – we had some crazy fun on the dirt track on the way to the durian plantation. Checkout the brand new XMax 300 scooter and the CBR150R sports bike munching up the dirt!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Ride to Zhong Cheng Durian Farm”

  1. Nice. Is this farm in Kulai, as per stated in Google?

    Is it open to public?

    How is the price of the durians?

    Thanks in advance for your time to reply.

  2. We plan to visit on this coming Saturday. Any chance to taste the durian?
    I need some guides on how to travel to the plantation. Anyone helps?

  3. Hi
    May I know is there any durians available on July 1st late ?afternoon.We have a group of 20ppl.Kindly let me if there’s any amount on this day.
    Thank you

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