BMW Grip Replacement on my CB400X

The stock CB400X grips not only felt hard, but weren’t…. well… grippy. I find myself subconsciously gripping onto my handlebars tighter, and thus occasionally leading to numb fingers – especially on some of my longer rides. I’ve previously tried Grip Puppies on my previous motorcycle, but due to my small’ish hands, I didn’t like the grip’s enlarged diameter. And since I’ve heard a lot of good things about BMW’s rubber grips, I decided to give them a try!

Brand new set of rubber grips from BMW Motorrad.
The LHS grip was a breeze to remove – just twist and pull until it slides out.

The RHS OEM rubber was a bitch to remove due to the friction bumps around the throttle mechanism.
Yay! Grips installed!

And how do they fair? GREAT!! There’s definitely reduced vibrations and I could feel that it’ll likely cause less fatigue as compared to the hard OEM rubber (more like plastic?) grips. While I’ve not brought it for a long trip (yet), I’m already beginning to love it!

Was it worth the upgrade?


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