Deepavali Ride to Cameron Highlands

What better way to spend the Deepavali long weekend than to ride with friends? And for this long weekend, I took my trusty BMW G650GS Sertao up to Kellie’s Castle and enjoyed the refreshing cool air of Cameron Highlands!

Stopover hotel at Rawang
DRZ had carb issues and couldn’t idle properly

We moved off on Friday evening after office hours, and made a 3hr journey up to Hotel 77 in Rawang. Specially chose Rawang as it was near enough to make the night ride not overly uncomfortable and also it’s just about 1km away from the NSHW – which makes it easy to continue the ride up north the next morning.

A little history of Kellie’s Castle
The 19th Century architecture was amazing
Kellie’s Castle closed up
Crossing the bridge over the moat
Kellie’s Love Locks

Did a little walking tour inside the castle
View from the top
Another view from the top

After Kellie’s Castle and a quick lunch stop, we ascended towards Cameron Highlands.

Enroute the climb up Cameron
Pic of the lined up bikes
View from our apartment – this is just level 2!
Exploring Cameron Highlands
What a view!
The Sertao taking in the Cameron view
Met a new friend…
…and she introduced her entire family!
Short hike up the BOH teahouse
Ride to Gua Musang
Stopping to take in the view
…yeah – this view!
My companion for the 1,500km trip
Beautiful winding roads
Check out the temperature!

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