Pulsar 200NS 2nd Engine Bearing Failure in less than 1 year

At 55,000km on the odometer, my 4-year old Pulsar was due for an oil change. So after returning from a short Sunday morning ride to JB, I went to LAB and got myself some Motul 7100 15W50. Changing engine oil is a relatively simple maintenance procedure, and I’ve almost always been doing it myself. But today’s oil change was anything but typical.

As I drained the used engine oil and removed the magnetic oil strainer, my heart skipped a beat when I witnessed this:


For those who have been following my blog, you’d probably know that I experienced an engine breakdown due to a catastrophic camshaft bearing failure less than 1 year ago. In fact, I was almost stranded in Chiang Mai, Thailand, some 2,500km away from home where there wasn’t any Bajaj dealership in the country at all. I had to FedEx the engine parts up from Singapore to get the bike fixed. Similarly back then, the magnetic oil strainer caught a massive amount of metal shavings from the grounded down camshaft bearing.

Thankfully, this time around, I caught the problem early and it didn’t (or rather, HAVEN’T) lead to an engine failure. The bike was still ride-able, but definitely extremely concerning. The top part of the engine (from the piston and cylinder block upwards) were mostly replaced at the last teardown. The engine also sounded like it was purring along nicely, and so I suspected that the failure this time might be due to the gearbox or the lower part of the engine.

And so I sent it in to Universal Motors on Monday for the mechanics there to diagnose. Bad news – an engine teardown (again) was necessary to ascertain the extent of damage and the offending component.

After a complete teardown of the engine, the lead mechanic, Ah Tek, found the offending component – it was the output shaft bearing that was failing.

The failing output shaft bearing assembly was pried open to visually inspect the grounded-up bearings.
When the ball in a ball bearing is no longer a smooth metal ball, it’s bad news.

And since the engine was opened up, and at the recommendation of Ah Tek, I took the opportunity to replace many of the other bearings and stuff – including the timing chain, valves and camshaft bearings that was replaced just a year and 22,000km ago.

Some of the other bearings that was replaced, along with the balancer assembly.

Bajaj quality. This is disappointing… So very disappointing.

15 thoughts on “Pulsar 200NS 2nd Engine Bearing Failure in less than 1 year”

  1. Wow just 22k kms travelled! Happened Again?
    It’s not like you’ve been thrashing or rempit,am i right? Damage even though using motul full syn. Very sorry to hear this.

  2. Dude, same issue here man. Weird sound from my engine and found out my bearings were gone after 2ok+-. Total damage 180sgd. Change engine bearings and shaft bearings too. I use motul 7100 btw, its just disappointing..

          1. Hey guys,
            I also have a NS200 (Abit a 2015 one and FI), reaching 19K in mileage, I also am finding some weird whine on my bike not too long after a recent oil change (Liquimoly 20W-50). would it be wise to send it in to UM for a check?

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