Sunday Morning Off-Road ride to Pontian – Round #2

For this Sunday Morning Ride, we returned to Pontian and re-attempted the off-road section. This time, we came prepared. Siu Hon and I brought along our tire inflators, and we were prepared to let out some air in our tires before taking on the off-road section. I also wanted to get some (easy) off-road experience with my Pulsar and her newly overhauled engine. And for this time around, I wanted to try riding like a real off-roader – standing on the bike.

The Pulsar, the MaxSym 400, the 400x (with pillion), and the XJ6 Diversion attempting the off-road.

This off-road section is an approximately 2-3km stretch with a mix of (really loose) gravel, dirt, and grass – some really TALL grass. It’s not exactly technically challenging as it’s a straight and level stretch and we weren’t expected to hop over logs or cross any water body. And although Siu Hon and I attempted it last month, we turned around halfway as it was raining, the ground was wet, and let’s just say that one of our bikes had something more than just tires hitting the ground. =S

So today, we were determined to ride the stretch…. to the end of the path…

…uh oh! Dead end!

…until we came to a locked gate. I guess that’s the land owner’s subtle way of telling us DO NOT ENTER. And so we had to turn around.

The Pulsar, being the lightest bike of the bunch, had little trouble making a u-turn on the grass and gravel patch. The rest of the bikes – not so easy…

211kg of mass (excluding rider) doing a gravel u-turn could certainly use some extra hands.
Off-road XP leveled up!
The garang bunch – 400X with a PILLION, and a MaxSym SCOOTER attempting the off-road!
Happy faces – we all made it out without any bike dropping!

Off-roading on a street bike with street tires is certainly thrilling. And the lightly deflated tires helped TREMENDOUSLY in terms of keeping the bike planted to the ground. I recall it feeling alot more skiddish and unnerving when I attempted it last month with the tires at street recommended pressures. Note to self – tire pressure make a world of difference when riding off-road!

Yet another awesome Sunday Morning Ride!

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