Sunday morning ride to Layang-layang

I love Sundays! Especially Sunday mornings! Mostly because I get to ride! =) This Sunday, we headed to Layang-layang. This week, we have a larger group of riders – Roy, Huiqin, Naim and Muhd Rahim were on their CB400X, Zhengfang was on her MaxSYM 400, Siu Hon with his XJ6, and then me and my 200cc Pulsar. For several weeks now, I’ve been overwhelmed by larger displacement motorcycles several times my engine size. Com’on! I need some 2B riders joining me soon! =P

As usual, we met at B-Point for a light roti breakfast and spent some time getting to know one another. Some of us were meeting each other for the first time.

We took the route via Kota Tinggi to Layang-layang.

At 0800h, we started our journey a little later than usual. And by the time we got to the back roads, the morning fog has already lifted, which would otherwise have been an amazing sight. Nevertheless, riding the back roads of Johor, Malaysia has never failed to put a smile on my face.

The awesome back roads of Malaysia!
The SEVEN (7) bikes in this Layang-layang Sunday Morning Ride…
…and the SIX (6) bikes that came back to JB (Naim decided to take a different route and broke away from the group)…
…and the only FIVE (5) bikes I was able to capture with my short selfie-stick. Sorry Siu Hon!

Great weather, great company, and great roads! What more can you ask for on yet another Sunday Morning Ride!

6 thoughts on “Sunday morning ride to Layang-layang”

  1. your sunday rides sounds fun. im riding a CB400 Super 4 and if you don’t mind i like to join in on one of your sunday breakfast trips

    1. Haha! Sure! Drop me a PM (Contact Me above) with your contact number and I’ll let you know when we do the next Sunday Morning Ride!

  2. Hi D!

    Keep these ride reports coming. Unfortunately I’m not able to join you as I work on weekends.

    May I ask if you could post the GPS coordinates of Layang Layang here?


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