Front Brake Disc and Pads Replacement on my DRZ

Front wheel off

It was time to replace the front brake disc and pads on my DRZ. While the rear pads still appear EXTREMELY chunky, the front pads were thinning. Also, the front brake disc were beyond its wear limits. Minimum thickness was supposedly 3.5mm, and my front disc measured 3.4mm!

Front disc removal. Look at all that rust!
Old vs new!

I was lucky and picked up a brand new set of front rotor for cheap. Turns out that the seller had priced it wrongly, and decided to honour the sale. The price I paid for it was less than half that of what they would have usually sold it for. Well – lucky me!

The brand new brake disc measures 4.5mm and has a minimum thickness of 3.5mm.
Remember to loctite the bolts!
Torquing it down with a torque wrench.
Brand new Brembo sintered off-road pads vs the old worn street pads.
New vs old pads.
Greasing the backing plates to reduce brake squeal.
Applying a thin coat of high-temp grease on the sliding pin.
Ta-da! New rotor and pads installed – sans axle nut. =P

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