G650GS Sertao TPMS Battery Replacement

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) display on my G650GS Sertao started screaming at me this morning. It appears that the battery on the rear sender unit has depleted and needs replacement.

I purchased this third party TPMS monitor for the Sertao as it did not come with one from factory. The built-in TPMS on my R1200GS had saved me a few times and warned me of a tire puncture before the tire turned truly flat. But as with most BMW stuff, it was severely over-priced. Back when I had to replace the TPMS sender unit on the R1200GS, it was $155 per piece. And it doesn’t even include installation! The GS-911 helped saved me a few dollars and I could easily program the 1200GS to talk to the newly replaced sensors.

TPMS sender unit on the front wheel
The TPMS sender unit takes a single CR1225 button battery.

The batteries on my Sertao’s TPMS were, on the other hand, much much cheaper. Aliexpress sells them for less than $2 for a pack of 10pc! Though they didn’t last me as long as the ones on the R1200GS (approx 4yrs vs slightly over 1yr on the G650GS), the cost of replacement was welcoming! Less than $0.20 per piece!

Cheap after-market Chinese-made TPMS on the Sertao.
The rear unit.
All’s good now!

Done! Just a simple 5min job! This should last me for another year.

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