A slightly different kind of 2-wheeled ride

Taking a little break along the river.

The pace has slowed, but the 2-wheeled journey continues! Took my little foldie out for a spin today. So glad that the weather was absolutely beautiful – cool temperatures with an overcast sky to shield the sun! I’m surprised that I manage to work up a 2hr solo ride today. I definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY could use more exercise!

6 thoughts on “A slightly different kind of 2-wheeled ride”

  1. Ah – a Brompton. I take mine everywhere, including maybe fifteen times to the USA. I am now an expert on getting in and out of Boston Logan. I motorised mine for about £230 excluding batteries and front ‘Borough’ bag. I use 36V 48AH Li-Ions from my drill (plus one more!). Two of these are allowed on planes in cabin baggage.

    1. Ah! Incidentally, I’m eyeing the electric conversion kit from Swytch! Unfortunately, it seems like they are very much out of stock and on a pretty long backlog for now.

      1. Try sqma1001@hotmail.com
        They are Chinese wholesalers/manufacturers.
        Say I recommended them.
        Their kit is better than Brompton as it has a handlebar LCD controller. Use that to govern power. Don’t use external controls.
        Does Singapore demand Pedalec control? If not get a version that doesn’t have that.

        Don’t mount batteries on the bike frame.
        The best way to carry the batteries is to get a Brompton front bag. I use the largest one – Borough. It doubles as a plane cabin bag.
        Bosch do a very good case with wheels, which becomes hold baggage.

        The battery connection is via DIY copper strips on the bike mount and the bag. As I say, I use Bosch tool batteries, and have 3D printed an adapter. Any 36V battery though will do, but you are limited to 300wH for batteries over 100wH on planes. Each Bosch battery is 144wH.
        All leads will need shortening. I do that by soldering and re-sealing with heatshrink.

        I bought a massive Bosch 36V drill as a package with two batteries and charger. Gave me a very cheap drill!

        1. I forgot to say I mount the main power controller in a small camera bag under the frame at the front.

        2. Thing is, it’s pretty complicated in Singapore. E-bikes *have* to be pedal-assisted – throttle mechanisms are technically illegal. Also, it has to pass a regulatory inspection and have a small dongle permanently attached to the bike. Then, there comes a mandatory registration AND mandatory display of the registration plate on the e-bike – quite like a motorcycle registration plate. Quite honestly, I can’t bear to see all these fugly additions spoil the simplicity look and appeal of the foldie. =(

          1. Pedalec control is what it is called. The one I have would be legal, as the throttle only works if one is pedalling.
            As I said, I don’t use the external throttle, but use the LCD controls.
            Singapore though is flat – you don’t need a motor (8-)#

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