Day Trip to Air Terjun Harimau Berjemu

What better way to use my new-found off-road riding skills than to go for an actual off-road ride?

Today, I head in to Air Terjun Harimau Berjermu – or Tiger Waterfall. It’s an approximately 100km of off-roading for a round trip into the waterfall and back out.

Taking my first break after completing some distance on the trail.
Riding through some scenic palm plantations.
Still feeling fresh, I decided to pose for some photos.
When I killed my motorcycle engine, the entire place was eerily quiet.
Which way should I go?
Standing on the footpegs.
The soil colour changes to a hue of red here.
Man! It was tiring going through all that rough terrain.
I couldn’t help but stopped to admire the view here.
Getting to the other side.
Arriving at the foot of the falls.
Ah! Finally! The falls!
Was very careful climbing over these rocks – the moss covered parts were really slippery!
This rock formation somehow reminds me of the game character Ralph.
Bumped into this group of Malaysian hikers who intended to hike and camp near the falls.
Getting out…
Another water crossing. The rocks at the bottom of the water body were rather chunky – making this a pretty challenging cross. Do….not….fall!!
Seemingly endless dirt… I was getting rather exhausted by this time.
Taking a break under a palm tree.
Exhausted and running low on water. And according to my GPS, I still had about 30km of dirt to go!
How long more? How long more??
Tarmac!! Finally!!!
My jeans and boots at the end of the ride.

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