Off-Road Training – Level 2

I think some of the best money spent is on training. After doing the Off Road Level 1 training 2 weeks back, I’m back for the Level 2 course this weekend.

Braking drills.
Riding down the big slope.

During Level 1, we went through drills such bike balancing, braking, u-turns, and hill descents. My biggest fear was in that steep downhill descent. And I’m back this week to greet it face on – at Level 2 training.

That steep hill descent that I feared most.
Adopting proper posture.
Off-camber riding. All you need is momentum, momentum, momentum.

In Level 2, we took things up a notch. On top of the basic drills, we picked up new skills such as brake slides, elephant turns, steeper downhill rides, uphill rides, riding over loose sand, sand recovery, and even motorcycle-to-motorcycle towing.

Parallel logs riding demo by Ashok.
Riding through parallel logs.
Going downhill in a controlled manner.
By the end of the day, I had zero fear taking on the downhill!
The obligatory shot before the recovery.
Sand recovery.
Bike surfing!
Irresistible group shot.
My G650GS towing an R1200GSA!
Towing two bikes simultaneously.
We went on a trail ride.
The Level 1 group.
Yay! We made it!
Yay! I made it too!

I wanna give a big shout-out to Tommy and Ashok for the wonder training programme. Also to Kumi and Soon Haur for most of these wonderful pics!

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