Off-Road Training – Level 1

The bike is only as good as the rider on it. And the kind of adventure one does on a large adventure motorcycle is usually limited by rider, and very seldom by the machine.

For this weekend, I decided to sign up for some off-road training with BMW-certified off-road instructor Tommy Lee from Route 55 Enduro Park!

Going through the theory before the practice.
Walking the bike, engine running and with just one hand was part of the training.
Practicing tight turns – first, without the bikes.
We performed some basic tight-turning drills.
It’s a lot harder than it looks – trust me!
Adopting the correct posture for downhill riding – sit back.
Riding down a steep slope – my most feared part of the whole course.
We went through some obstacles too.
Hitting the dirt!
Taking a quick break after some exhausting exercises.
Remember – always look at where you want to go.
Ian’s pretty happy with how his bike decided to take a quick nap.
When a friend drops his bike, what’s the first thing you should do? Take a self-fie of course!
Bike surfing – with no bike stands!
Dug in!
Look Ma! No hands!
Emergency braking on low traction environment – with pillion!
Skills level up’ed! The Level 1-trained off-road riders!
Collecting our certificates at the end of the day – we all passed!

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    I am interested to find out more about the off-road bike riding lessons. May I know the details? Venue, duration, fees, equipment – whether it’s provided by the school or personal. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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