Sunday Morning Ride – Some off-road FUN!

We went for some off-road fun this Sunday Morning Ride!

We ran out of ideas on where to head to for our usual Sunday Morning Ride and this was totally unexpected and unplanned as we wandered randomly and aimlessly. Turned out to be a pleasant surprise!

The SMR off-roaders!

Yes, the CBR150R sports bike did amazingly well off-road!
The DRZ was no stranger to off-roading.
Looi’s first ride out with his (very) recently acquired Tiger!
The XJ6 Divergent didn’t fare too badly either!
The VFR was very much at home in the dirt.
Euroy and his NC750X.
The GS is, of course, very much at home in the dirt too!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Ride – Some off-road FUN!”

  1. May I ask hows Loois’s Tiger handling the gravel road and highway?
    Yah I know the resale value is well ermmm….. damn lousy but it was a good bike lol

    Thank you

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