Sunday Morning Ride to Linggui Reservoir

This week, we head to Linggui Reservoir! It’s a short 1hr ride to Linggui. But to access the reservoir’s entrance, we had to travel through a short off-road section. The entrance was locked and guarded, and although we didn’t get to see the reservoir itself, we had some fun exploring the area.

GS playground ahead!
Thankfully, the track was dry.

Waiting for the rest to catch up. Teeheehee…
Staring into the wilderness.
This shot makes the GS appear to be lying on the ground.
We did it (without falling)!!
Me and my lil’ red girl.
Stopping for a photo shoot.
Here’s another view of my lil’ red one.
Yay! We made it!
The Super4 on dirt.

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