Sunday Morning Ride to Pekan Nanas and Durian Plantation

This Sunday morning, we head to Pekan Nanas for a photoshoot (I needed a banner pic of my bike for this blog) and then to a short off-road section to Zhong Cheng plantation. The weather was beautiful this morning – with heavy cloud cover and just a tad drizzle to keep all of us cool.

Lining up our bikes against the amazing backdrop of Pekan Nanas.
Beautiful biking roads!

Say CHEESE everyone!
Yeah – we came all the way here for me to take this shot…. =)
Not exactly the highlight of the trip – the 5 of us shared 2 small durians.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Ride to Pekan Nanas and Durian Plantation”

  1. I thought your friend in red looks very familiar, racking my brain… then it hit me. He looks just like Goh Chok Tong! Wish I can also join up for rides like this but I just a provisional rider. Safe rides!

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