Goodbye Honda!

While my journey with the Honda CB400X was brief, it was fulfilling. This was the little machine that could. It had the power to munch miles, but yet frugal with fuel. It was light enough to take it through most terrains and could easily be serviced and repaired just about anywhere in this part of the world. Not that I needed it – the legendary Honda reliability lived up to it’s reputation. And in my 5 months of ownership, I’ve clocked close to 10,000km on this workhorse.

My last ride on the CB400X to the LTA office at Sin Ming Road.

Waiting at LTA for my number to be called.
New adventures await for my (ex) black Honda CB400X and his new owner who just got his Class 2A license today!

But it’s now time to let you go, my lil’ black steed… Coz I’ve found my dream love – the BMW R1200GS.

With the Honda gone, the GS doesn’t need to share the parking spot any more!

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