My Top Box was Molested

I’m feeling mad… I’m feeling violated. I had my top box molested this morning as I was making payment for petrol in Shell Johor Bahru (JB) this morning. Yes, it was my fault for keeping it unlocked (I thought that it was locked). The crook came up behind me on a kup and pretended to wait in queue for the petrol pump. He struck when I walked over to the counter to make payment – opening up my topbox to search for any content worth stealing.

Thankfully, he did not get anything. Nothing. I had some loose items inside, including my rain suit and some emergency repair tools for the morning trip. Well, I did have my SJ5000+ action cam in the box, and thankfully, he did not see it as it was placed inconspicuously. I think he was looking for an easy bag or waist pouch to grab and go – typically containing valuables. I had my waist pouch with all my valuables on me then. And when i returned to the bike, i noticed the topbox was opened and not closed properly.

I’m typically very careful and rather paranoid when it comes to leaving personal belongings unsecured, but I guess I got complacent this time.

Although nothing was stolen, this experience was certainly a wake up call, and I hope to share it with the group here and similarly be a wake up call for everyone here – whether you are traveling to JB or not.

Incidentally, I heard that a Singapore-registered Super 4 was stolen this morning in JB too. Ride safe and always secure your belongings folks!

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