Ride to Tanjung Piai

IMG_6055 copyYeah! Yet another weekend ride trip! Tanjung Piai – the “southernmost tip of Mainland Asia”. I was expecting the ride to take about 2 hours (1:40mins when I last “researched” it on Waze), but it took merely just over an hour from the Checkpoint to Tanjung Piai National Park. This time, I was in a group of 3 bikes. None of us have ever been there, and so this is an adventure of all 3 of us.

The route was rural scenic – passing small towns and plantations. Fresh air greeted our faces as we made our way through some of the easy twisties. Technically, I’ll rate this a 3.5 / 10 on a difficulty scale. Minor winding roads but nothing overly challenging. Just stay out of the way of those large trucks.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.55.01 PMOne of the easy twisty roads.

IMG_6060The southernmost tip of Mainland Asia

IMG_6065Because we didn’t want to pay RM20 for the entrance fee, this is about the next most interesting thing after the stone monument.

IMG_6066We couldn’t find live monkeys to pose for us – so we had to settle for this one… At least it had a discerning taste, and chose the Arai. And in case you read it wrong, I was referring to the painting, not the one fiddling with the phone.

IMG_6061The Pulsarians Singapore conquers Tanjung Piai (again).

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