sgBikerBoy travels around Malaysia – Ride Report

Almost 2,000 kilometers over a 4-day trip around Peninsular Malaysia, and what a tour it was! And the attractions that I got to visit could really been summed up in two words – NOT MUCH. Well, if you live in this part of the world, you’ll know that the year end is the north-east monsoon season, and that means rain, rain and more rain. Not a single day went by without the skies opening up and dumping it’s liquid load on me. Well, at least I got to test my Pirelli Angel CT tires throughly in wet weather – and it was good.

Breakfast in Singapore before hitting the roads.
Checked the traffic before I left Singapore. Not good… =(

Reached KL in the afternoon and checked in to the hotel. I was here to attend Continue reading “sgBikerBoy travels around Malaysia – Ride Report”

sgBikerBoy travels around Malaysia

I’m going on a motorcycle tour (again)! Not gonna do anything too crazy like the last tour. This time, I plan to just circle Peninsular Malaysia. You see, I’m heading up to KL tomorrow to attend an ex-classmate’s wedding dinner. Again, it’s one of those “since I’m already here, why don’t I just head to….” kind of idea. Don’t plan to be away for too long – probably just for a couple of days. But then again…. who knows? =P

The planned route.

Quite honestly, I’ve only come up with Continue reading “sgBikerBoy travels around Malaysia”