sgBikerBoy travels around Malaysia

I’m going on a motorcycle tour (again)! Not gonna do anything too crazy like the last tour. This time, I plan to just circle Peninsular Malaysia. You see, I’m heading up to KL tomorrow to attend an ex-classmate’s wedding dinner. Again, it’s one of those “since I’m already here, why don’t I just head to….” kind of idea. Don’t plan to be away for too long – probably just for a couple of days. But then again…. who knows? =P

The planned route.

Quite honestly, I’ve only come up with this ride idea just a couple of minutes ago. I do know I’d be heading to KL for the wedding dinner, but I previously didn’t quite plan for a tour. So the rough route is as follows:

Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Gerik – Kota Bharu – Kuala Terengganu – Kuantan – Singapore.

There were 2 places I’ve always wanted to visit – the Gerik Highway, and the eastern coastal roads of Peninsular Malaysia. Thus far, I’ve almost always traveled along the NSHW. So, this is gonna be a new experience for me.

Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “sgBikerBoy travels around Malaysia”

  1. I did this in June. Super fun. With your experience it would be great. Just note that they wont have parts in Msia. Possibly can settle some small issues but not anything major. Have lots fun, ride on.

  2. Good choice! I have always enjoy riding / driving along Route 3, scenic & kinda therapeutic. Have fun & stay safe ya!

  3. Say hello from your follower from Indonesia.. I’ve plan to do it also and I’d love to see this! Have a safe and great journey! wait for your report soon

    1. Hi Khalifa! When are you thinking of doing this? Just a suggestion – do NOT do the trip this time of the year. It sucks! It’s been raining every day!

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