Bye bye R1200GS

I received the news from the insurer today. The cost of repair for the R1200GS was economically unviable. And thus, the 1200GS was declared totalled – a complete write-off.

My red steed immediately after the accident.

It’s been 2 wonderful years together and we’ve travelled some 40,000km. But it’s time to bid farewell now…

Most of the damage was at the front of the bike.
The beaten red steed resting in the workshop, awaiting quote estimates.
“X” mark the (damaged) spot(s).
My set of Givi Trekker luggage was barely 2 months old!
Rest in peace, my friend.

You’ll always be remembered.

8 thoughts on “Bye bye R1200GS”

  1. Hi. How did you managed to tow your bike back to Singapore? In the event of the bike was a total loss, how did the insurance compensate you?

    1. I contact a Malaysian tow company and they arranged the tow. No problem too big that a couple of Ringgits can’t solve. The insurance company wrote off the bike and paid me at fair market value.

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