Sunday Morning Ride Dirt Ride – 3 GS’es and 4 Scramblers

In celebration of Siu Hon’s recent purchase of his Suzuki DR200SE, we’ve decided to head to some dirt trails for this Sunday Morning Ride!

You see, Siu Hon got a new (to him) DR200SE on Friday. It happened so quickly. We went to view the bike in the evening, and within a 2hrs, he took the keys and the bike home!

Sorting out the sale and purchase.
Taking the bike home the very same night!

After a quick dim sum breakfast at GP Sentral, we headed to a nearby clearing to explore.

Red, Yellow, and Green jerseys – we looked like a human traffic light!
We were on a plateau up a hill.
The G650GS felt very at home in the dirt.
3 GS’es and 4 scramblers hit the dirt today.
Riding down the dirt mound.
We explored a nearby plantation.
Taking a quick break.

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