Pulled over by Traffic Police

First time being pulled over by the Traffic Police, and I kept thinking what I did wrong! Ended up with a nice little surprise from the friendly officer – received a little goodie bag from the handsome looking officer for gearing up in proper riding attire! 

Receiving the goodie bag from the friendly TP officer!

Edit: I’ve been receiving numerous requests from curious commenters on what’s inside the goodie bag. So I took a little peek inside, and here goes…

Contents of the goodie bag.

Goodie bag contains: a tankpad protector, a head buff, a pen, a post-it notepad, and a FlashPay cashcard! Thank you TP!

Gear up and Ride Safe everyone!

5 thoughts on “Pulled over by Traffic Police”

  1. Lol… Singapore good cop. Perhaps a new scheme by the unit to promote proper safety wear awareness. What did you get man?

    1. Yeah – it is pretty much a safety awareness campaign. Thought it was nice that the Traffic Police are not only out there looking out for BAD behaviours, but also GOOD behaviours!

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