Motorcycle Wireless Qi Mobile Charging

The iPhone smart phone is kinda smart. Being my primary navigation device on my motorcycle rides, it’s important to keep it juiced up. But sometimes, in heavy rain, it just shuts off its charging function in an apparent bid to protect itself from the extreme moisture at the charging port. And by the time I realise it, the battery level has dropped to below 20% with the phone screaming a low-battery warning.

Fast Qi EnergyPad mod.

And since the iPhone8 I have comes with wireless charging feature, I thought I’d give it a try. Got this ultra-thin USB to Qi wireless charger that fits very nicely the existing RAM mount that’s installed on the bike.

It’s wafer thin!
Little bit of high-strength outdoor-quality double-sided adhesive.
Ta-da! Wireless charging mod on my G650GS Sertao.

So, did it work? How did it turn out?


While the phone is being used as a GPS, the rate of consumption is greater than the rate of charging. The wireless charging just couldn’t keep up with the battery requirements of the phone and GPS function. The battery level continued to drop even when the phone is in contact with the charger.

So, it’s back to wired lightning-cable charging for me. =(

3 thoughts on “Motorcycle Wireless Qi Mobile Charging”

  1. Get a ‘proper’ GPS (8-)# My Garmin BMW version is quite brilliant. It acts as a hub for both my phone and headset. It is also integrated into the CAN bus and gives a whole array of bike information, as well as warnings on-screen. I can even navigate menus from the handlebar of my R1200GS Adventure.
    …. but of course using the phone direct is *much* cheaper!

      1. I did know that from your picture. My post was just to show how much improved the newer BMWs are.
        I did use a Garmin 660 and that worked very well. Beware though anyone thinking of using Garmin. My 660 died during a map update. It was only a firmware crash, but Garmin refused to help – ‘too old’ even though I bought it new five years previously. Check servicing *before* map upgrades! All they offered was a 25% discount on a new one. However *not* the BMW version (8-(#

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