Sunday Morning Dirt Trail Ride

As if last week’s dirt riding with Dirt State wasn’t enough, we headed to the trails again this week. Only this time, with our very own bikes!

Nice, compact dirt – nothing too challenging (for now).
Magnificent view from the top.
Loose gravel + big bike = no fun! =(

Siu Hon tackling the climb on his Diversion (and almost bald tires!)
Made it up like a pro!
More trails…
We rode into an oil palm plantation.
The dirt trail just got a little bit gnarlier!
Deep, deep ruts!
Ian guiding Siu Hon round the ruts.
More trails…
We came across an abandoned cafe in the middle of nowhere.
Even more trails… We were getting exhausted by now.
Whoopsie! Dead end.
I’m sooooo tired, I need to lay down…
Turning around, heading back, thinking about lunch…
Easy…easy there…
We came across a group of dirt riders from Tristan Park.

And just as we were about to leave the place to meet 2 other friends for lunch, this happened…

Screw you!

After removing that offending screw and patching up the rear tire, the pressure still wasn’t holding and the tire was still hissing. Turns out, my rear tire was hit by not one, but TWO punctures! My, my! What were the odds??!

Seafood lunch at High King Seafood Restaurant, Kukup.

Another amazing Sunday Morning Ride!

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