Off-Roading with Dirt State

Today, we went for some slightly more serious off-roading with Dirt State! Came back super exhausted, but we had an amazing amount of, ermm… dirt(y) fun!

The bikes that were waiting for us when we arrived.
Gearing up for the trail riding.

All good to go!

All dressed up to look the part!
After 1 round of trial trail ride.
And off we went for some off-road trail riding!
Tackling that steep incline flanked with ruts on both sides.
Waiting for our turn to hit that incline.
Stopping for a quick break.
Still looking fresh (and clean).
Then things started turning wet.
…and dirty.
Slippery, slippery mud!
Everyone had a mud bath here!
Siu Hon looking happy after his mud bath.
Taking another (much needed) quick break.
Arriving at the waterfall area.
Trekking to the waterfall area.
Enjoying the running stream.
Ian taking a dip.
…and was quickly joined by others.
The skies opened up.
…and made the already slippery trail even more slippery.

We came to an opened clearing.

Back to base camp!
Comparing whose bag is the dirtiest!


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