2D1N Impromptu Ride

It was an impromptu ride. I had taken the Thursday and Friday off work, and had only decided to go for a ride on Wednesday evening. Even in the morning of Thursday when we met at 5am at GP Petronas, the ride plan was still sketchy. And we just made up the plan as we went along!

First stop – Tasik Biru (Blue Lake) of Muadzam Shah!

Facing the blue, blue, VERY blue lake!
The 4 men who were free to ride on a Thursday’s moment’s notice.
We were friendly. They were friendly. We were all friendly. =)

Ed’s street triple and the blue lake.
I JUST had to take this shot!
The shot of the shot being taken.
Yes, the lake was REALLY VERY blue!
We then headed to Klawang International Circuit for some nice twisties.
Came by some corn fields for a corn-y selfie.
That’s me and my GS.
Lawrence and his NC.
Thomas’ DRZ would probably be more at home in the dirt had it had some knobbies on.
The 3 of us stopped for a group shot, while Eddie tried to complete the loop within his personal best timing.
Sent the drone into the air for some aerial shoot.
We came across a road-side mini waterfall.
Some awesome backdrop there!
Group shot!
Stopped by a little village.
We’re all such posers!
Really…what’s with that pose??
Jumping for joy!

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