Eliminating Brake Squeal on my BMW R1200GS Wethead

Sintered (metal-infused) brake pads generally provide awesome braking power and have great brake life. But the biggest drawback is that it tends to squeal. Shortly after replacing my set of front Brembo pads on my BMW R1200GS LC, my brakes started squealing like a pig being sent to the slaughterhouse every time just before the bike comes to a complete halt. This typically happens when the brakes are cold, and sometimes (only sometimes), it goes away after warming up the pads. And since I’ve got a self-admitted OCD for these kind of things, I decided to do something about it.

Front pads removal.
Front pads removed. Do NOT hit the brake levers and over extend the calliper pistons!

Flip the pads over to reveal the backing plates.
Notice the ring patterns on the pad backing plates? That’s where the brake calliper pistons press onto the pads, and this is also the most common location of squeal.
Get some high-heat grease. I used CeraTec, but copper grease works fine too.
Just a tiny dab on a cotton swab will do.
Smear the CeraTec around the area where the pads meet the calliper pistons.
Re-install brake pads. Remember to lube the grub screw with some CeraTec / copper grease as anti-seize.
Brake pads re-installed! Do the same for the other side.

Took the GS for a ride and that annoying pig-slaughtering brake squeal is completely gone! Not sure if this is a permanent fix, but I’ll report here again after riding with this hack for some time. But in the meantime, I’m happy.

06 Nov 18 Update: So I’ve travelled some 5,000km with this setup and am happy to report that the brake squeal never did return! In this distance, the bike has went through some torrential rain, dirt, mud, and even once rode trough a flooded area with water levels around 1/3 wheel height! No squeal! I’m super happy with this little DIY mod!

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