R1200GS Wethead Front Brake Pads Replacement

Shortly after my rear brake pads replacement, I noticed that my front brake pads were wearing thin too. Worse, there was one particular pad (the RHS inboard pad) that was wearing out way faster than the rest and is almost worn down to metal! So, it’s time to replace them as a set!

I got myself a set of Brembo SA sintered pads for the front (PN: 07BB38SA). This is supposedly an upgrade to the BMW OEM pads, which, incidentally, are also manufactured by Brembo.

The 4-step procedure to removing brake pads – easy peasy!

Complete set of Brembo brake pads for the BMW R1200GS LC and a bottle of brake cleaner. Since I’ve only recently replace the rear brakes with a set of SBS, I’m keeping the Brembo rears for the next change.

Replacing the front pads is a really simple job. If an oil change were a, say, level 4 out of 10 in terms of difficulty, I would rate brake pad replacement a 2 of 10. You don’t even have to remove the brake calipers from the fork!

Removing the brake pad grub screw with a T30 torx.
Removed pads from the RHS of the bike. One of them was COMPLETELY worn down that you can’t even see the heat dissipation grooves any more!
Totally worn pad – I was living on borrowed time!
With the pads out, I sprayed a generous dose of brake cleaner and agitated the area with an old toothbrush. Made sure I cleaned the caliper pistons properly.
In with the new pads! Love the Brembo signature red! And don’t forget to put back that locking pin (not pictured here)!

The grub screw that holds the brake pads in place doesn’t take a lot of torque – just 6Nm! Clean up any rust and apply a thin coat of anti-seize or copper grease before you reinstall it.

Place the used pads back into the original packaging before discarding.

Remember to prime the brakes by pumping the brake lever a couple of times until hard! And we’re done!

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