Group Ride to Gunung Pulai Waterfall

Five CB400X’es, an NC750X, a Xj6 Diversion and a Triumph Street Triple – I’ve officially joined the “big boys club” – a team of Class 2A and Class 2 bikes on a Sunday morning ride. Today, we head to Gunung Pulai waterfall.

En-route to Gunung Pulai Recreational Park, we past Pekan Nanas. The morning view was so breathtaking that we just had to stop for photos!

Lining up our bikes for a photoshoot was really hard work!
That’s me waiting for the rest to come over from the other side of the road.

That trail in the background looked so inviting! Too bad there’s a barricade.
Bikes all lined up…. time for a photoshoot.
Ah! Our lined up bikes against the amazing morning backdrop.
Now for some we-fie moments!
We were here – Pontian Kechil.

Gunung Pulai Recreational Park was only a short ride from where we had our bike photoshoot. The place has changed a little since we last went there earlier this year. There’s a new toll collection booth that collects RM1 for each motorcycle (parking fee). Toilets usage still cost RM1 at the foot of the hill. But the Malaysians seem to have maintained the place up at the waterfall area – there are now proper toilet and shower facilities (RM0.50 per person) and the place is heaps loads cleaner now. Well done Malaysia!

Taking a short rest and drinking up before the climb up the waterfall.
Sign postings along the route so that nobody gets lost.
Eddy decided to stay at the rest area, and so we took this pic specially for him. Look! No Eddy!
No bikes allowed up the waterfall area. But humans have to do a river crossing. Jun Kiat decided to not cross (no waterproof boots).
This is what you’ve missed, Jun Kiat!
Taking a break while strategizing on how to cross the river (without getting too wet).
The main waterfall area.
Woo hoo!
The remaining 5 out of 8 of us who made it to the main waterfall.
Warren was ahead of us and told us to “take a photo from below”… and so we did!

We didn’t stay for too long and returned to Singapore by around 1pm noon. Some decided to remain in JB for lunch and bike wash.

Great weather, great roads, great company! Yet another awesome Sunday Morning Ride!

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