When was your last motorcycle cable maintenance?

Com’on! Be truthful! When did you last maintain your motorcycle cables? Your clutch cable? Throttle cable?

What? NEVER?!?

Just a couple of days ago, as I was on the road, I spotted someone pushing his motorcycle along the side of the road. I wasn’t in a rush for time, and I pulled over to check out what was wrong with his machine and also see if I could offer any assistance. Turns out, his clutch cable had snapped and he was pushing his bike along to the nearest workshop to get it replaced.

I couldn’t leave a fellow rider in the lurch and offered to help him push. So with one foot on my motorcycle and the other one on his, I maintained a slow speed and pushed his Yamaha along until 3 junctions down the road. He then told me the workshop was just round the corner and he could push it the rest of the way. So I wished him luck and rode off.

When I got back that evening, a startling realisation dawned upon me – I have NEVER lubricated my clutch cable nor my throttle cable. Heck! I didn’t even know how to access it!

So when I got back home, I played with the clutch lever and throttle handle. Lo and behold! I did notice that my cables are beginning to feel “stiff” and slightly “sticky”. So I flipped through the 200NS service manual, whipped out my set of tools and can of WD40 and started squirting generously at both ends of both cables. I also took the opportunity to lube the clutch and throttle springs as a rust preventive maintenance.

Ah! So much smoother now…

Reminder to self – Don’t get stranded. Periodically lube the cables!

*Picture of frayed cable from internet. Thankfully, that is NOT my cable.

4 thoughts on “When was your last motorcycle cable maintenance?”

  1. Hello! Just passing by and stumbled on your blog. Your blog has been really informative! Keep posting!

    1. I’m not sure if I know what you mean…

      If you were asking if I used chain lube for *LUBING* my cables – that would be a no. I use a light weight oil from an aerosol can, not too dissimilar from WD40.

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