Exposing the Engine Oil Bearing Friction Test / Scam

I’ve come across a couple of engine oil / oil additives companies that use the timken bearing test – also sometimes known as the “one arm bandit” test or bearing lubricity test – to display the efficacy of their oil or oil additive. I must admit that the test, being very visual, is extremely convincing. But did you know that this non-standardised test is practically useless in demonstrating the efficiency of oils? In fact, it can actually be (unscrupulously) manipulated.

So, the next time before you’re convinced of the “superiority” of any engine oils or oil additives using this demonstration, remember this – you might actually be better off using shampoo*!!

*on the bearing test only please. Do NOT use shampoo in your engine!

5 thoughts on “Exposing the Engine Oil Bearing Friction Test / Scam”

  1. Hi SGbiker boy, ive been followin and reading your motorblog website. Thank you for sharing your wealth experience and information about biking.
    Anyway would you mind doing a review on an engine oil additive on the brand Polytron MTC specifically. They did that timken test with this oil additive brand. Thank you very much

    1. As this is a personal blog, my resources are pretty limited. Unfortunately, I’m unable to review too many products. The reviews you see on this website are stuff that I actually purchased and used. Perhaps if you would you be interested in sponsoring? 😉

    1. These machines are on ebay, kind of pricey too.
      However i just happen to be refurbishing an original schaeffer oil salesman
      Demo machine at this time.
      I have a missing part im currently working on.

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