Lupromax Razer 4T on my Pulsar 200NS

Oil change today. Decided to try Lupromax after the reviews I’ve read. Anyway, 200NS manual says bike requires 1200ml of oil. I poured in 1300+ml – which should be enough. But when I check the oil window, shows oil at MIN level. ☹️ Hmmm…. I wonder how much oil should I really use?

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Update: Strange…. After running in a little bit more, oil level at sight glass seem to have gone up??! This is how it looks like now – bike level, on centre stand, front wheel touching ground. Used 1.3L of engine oil during oil change.


Update 2: Shortly after I ran Lupromax on my 200NS, I experienced a “low oil pressure” warning on my bike. It was a spurious message as the oil level was healthy, and was finally attributed to a faulty oil pressure switch. While the Pulsar 200NS oil pressure switch is known to occasionally fail, I have also learnt of TWO other Pulsar owners who had their oil pressure switch fail AND were using Lupromax engine oil at that time. In fact, one of them experienced the pressure switch failure TWICE within a short period of time! (He stopped using Lupromax’s oil after the SECOND failure.)

While I’m hesitant to attribute the pressure switch failure to the engine oil, but 3 separate recent cases is a little too much of coincidence for comfort. I have stopped using Lupromax’s oil since and have disposed the remaining oil in the last bottle.

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