Pledge – The Amazing Helmet Polish and Cleaner?

I’ve been using Meguair’s Quik Wax on my vehicles and motorcycle helmets with excellent results. Easy on, easy off application. Smells great too! However, I do find Quik Wax to be a little on the pricey side.

So since I had a can of Lemon Pledge laying around my house (I use it regularly to clean and polish home furniture), thought I’d give it a go on my motorcycle helmet.

Lemon Pledge works excellent as a CLEANER wax!
Giving my Scorpion ADX-1 a Pledge snow-wash treatment.

I realised that one major ability that Pledge had that Quik Wax and most of the other waxes I previously used did not have was a very deep cleaning ability. Areas on my all-white helmet that started showing black’ish stains were easily removed using Pledge.

Inexpensive, effective, and so readily available – Pledge is now my newfound favourite helmet cleaner and polish!

2 thoughts on “Pledge – The Amazing Helmet Polish and Cleaner?”

  1. Did you use the Pledge on the inside and outside of e visor as well?

    Any issues with streaking or causing the visor to go cloudy?
    Don’t want to damage my visor.

    1. I did! In fact, I still do. It doesn’t streak the visor as long as I don’t apply excessively. Cleans off quite easily and leaves a nice waxy finish for water beading too!

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