Practiced repairing a tire tube

Since I had accidentally pinched the inner tube on my DRZ while self-installing tires for the first time, I thought I’d use the opportunity to attempt a patch repair. Good to pick up a useful skill during this Covid Circuit Breaker season.

Hole in the tire tube.

1. First, look for the puncture site. 
2. Then scuff it up with a rasp file or some sandpaper. 
3. Apply a generous coat of rubber cement / vulcanising paste. 
4. Wait for at least 5mins to allow the rubber cement to dry.
5. Peel off the aluminium foil backing of the patch and apply patch onto puncture site.
6. Stitch the patch by rolling some blunt tool over it.
7. The patched tube is now ready for use!

Scuffing up the tube surface for better adhesion.
Applying the rubber cement – make sure the area is BIGGER than the patch! Important!
Apply the patch.
Stitch the patch.
Tada! Patched tube!

Nah… I’m probably not gonna re-use this repaired tube. But it was a good practice session.

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