SMR – Riding the UCDP “Novice” Trail

We couldn’t get enough of dirt riding fun in Ulu Choh, and so we planned to head back there again. This weekend, we decided to attempt some of the trails instead.

I found a GPX trail in Wikiloc called “UCDP Novice Route”. Novice, right? Should be easy peasy… right? We were so wrong!

The quirky dirt team.

Arriving at Ulu Choh Dirt Park, we were a quirky bunch of riders that somehow look misplaced in a dirt park. Yes, the G650GS and the Yamaha XTZ with knobbies are somewhat at home here. Then there are the heavy adventure bikes – the R1200GSA and the Tiger 800 XCX. The Diversion with its street tires was obviously not the most appropriate machine here. And then there’s the cutesie bunch – the small, ultra-lightweight class – a 36year-old Vespa, a probably about as old Honda C90, and the midget Honda Grom, all gathered for some off-road trail fun. But what all these bikes have in common, is a rider with an adventure spirit and a can-do attitude.

The Cutesie Team – a 1983 Vespa, a Honda C90 Cub, and Grom.
The Diversion that could!
The 650GS and the 125cc XTZ
All ready to go!
Having fun on the track.
Kwong doing it in style on his XTZ.
Looi’s gaining confidence on his Tiger.
Siu Hon standing on his foot pegs like a pro.
Eddy’s Grom decided to take a little nap.
Heading off to the trails.
The big, heavy Diversion requiring some assistance.
The Tiger could use some help scaling that slope too.
Not quite surprisingly, the Cub was amongst the bikes that fared the best on these gnarly trails.
Question – how many men would it take to lift a fallen heavy street bike?
The Grom, with its low clearance, burying itself in the rut.
Sliding down (quite literally) that slippery leaves-filled slope.
Fallen, but still in great spirits!

At the end of the day, we were all super exhausted. But the teamwork and never-say-die attitude of everyone made the ride so much more fun than it actually was.

Now, I think we just need a wee little bit more practice before we even attempt that trail again.

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