Riding up to Mae Hong Son – Day 5 to 7


Today, we travel to Mae Hong Son. Mae Hong Son is the name of both the province and a town. But before we head to MHS, we did a short detour to the Thai-Myanmar border.

Getting ready to move off.
That’s Myanmar behind me.
Mae Sot is also the western-most point of Thailand.
I love group shots!
The GS glowing in the sun.
Arriving in Mae Hong Son.


Our bikes parked just outside our rooms.
My trusty Gee Ess who have brought me this far north.
Breakfast in MHS.
I’m just following instructions.
Stopping by the Department of Correction.
Getting a little crazier.
Riding back to our accommodation.
Bike maintenance before moving out.
It’s a beautiful day!
It’s springtime!
Taking a rest.

Heading to the nearby Long Neck Village.

Arriving at the Long Neck Village
The Long Neck Village is on the other side of the river. 20 THB for the boat ride and 200 THB for entry fee per person.
We had to take a boat across.
A Long Neck lady dressed in traditional costume.
Hello there!
Group shot
Daddy? Is that you Daddy?

After lunch at the Long Neck Village, we headed to Mae Hong Son Chamber of Commerce to obtain the obligatory touristy 1864 completion souvenir certificate.

Arriving at the Mae Hong Son Chamber of Commerce
Group shot
Monkeying around outside the Chamber of Commerce.
There! Proof that SGBikerBoy completed the Mae Hong Son loop on his BMW R1200GS!
The whole team got a cert each.

Shortly after we got our certs, we headed to Sutongpe bridge to watch the sun set.

Sutongpe Bridge
Parking our bikes at Sutongpe.
1864! We did it!
Curiously, this fella was holding an iPad. Must have been a rather recently constructed statue.
Eddy’s missing – probably monkeying around.
Hey there lil’ guy!
Bamboo caged bridge.
Contrary to its looks, it’s actually quite sturdy!
Sutongpe Bridge with sunset in the backdrop.
Having a light snack before we head back to town for dinner.
Street food for dinner.
Mae Hong Son t-shirts!


After spending 2 nights in Mae Hong Son, today, we head to Pai. Pai holds a very special place in my heart. It’s a town I visited 2 years back and had my bike breakdown there. I still recall having to arrange for tow to Chiang Mai where I had my engine rebuilt.

Getting ready to leave Mae Hong Son and head to Pai.
Fantastic weather to ride!
1864 curves on the Mae Hong Son loop.
Stopping for some coffee.
I could sleep here all day!
Enjoying the spectacular view
At a highway rest stop somewhere up in the mountains, we met a Singaporean! Hello Jia Wen!
Getting some food.
The BBQ’ed chicken and pork sausage tasted especially good up here!
The strawberries were really sweet. And so was the fruits seller! =P
We’re feeling top of the world!
Gotta ride on. Gotta get to Pai.

Shortly after arriving in Pai, we had an early dinner / super late lunch. I missed eating the Khao Soi – a curry noodle dish that’s quite unique this region of Thailand.

Khao Soi for linner in Pai.
Pai Yododo Resort – our rest stop for the next 2 nights.
Pai Yododo Resort has a lot of greenery and the accommodation blocks are quite spaced apart.

Shortly after we checked in, a Eddy, Siu Hon and myself decided to head out for a nearby ride. And we met some…

Singaporeans!!! Hello Valarie!

…Singaporeans!! And what makes it even more coincidental, Valarie and Jia Wen (whom we met earlier today on the way to Pai) are actually friends and had lunch together just earlier today! What a small world!

So Valarie took us to a nearby Muay Thai training centre – where we tried our hands at this Thai martial art.

I think we looked quite pro, don’t you agree? =P
I got KO’ed! >_<
And we have a winner!
And this is why Eddy won – he had some prior training! Unfair!

After monkeying around at the Muay Thai center, we headed to the nearby Long Neck village.

Riding to Long Neck Karen in Pai.
Long Neck Karen in Pai
We headed to the Long Neck Village in Pai. This one seems very “commercial” and not at all authentic.
At least there were some long neck ladies around.
Street food (again) in Pai. We never get tired of Thai street food! Aroy!
BBQ protein!
Sweet sweet desserts!
Aroy mak mak!
We have a daily Betagen routine to keep our guts healthy.

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