New Shoes for the G650GS Sertao – Shinko 804/805 Off-Road Biased Tires

My little GS needs new shoes. The Metzler Tourance Next tires that came with the bike was almost bald. And since I got this bike primarily to take on the trails and fire roads, I decided to get some 50-50 off-road biased tires too!

After some research, and at the recommendation from a friend, I decided to go for the Shinko 804 (front) and 805 (rear) tires. The set cost just below $200 – which I thought was excellent value for tires!

Carrying the tires to the workshop for replacement.

Look at those large rubber blocks!
The guy at Ram Racing working on the G650GS Sertao. Just look at those almost bald street tires!
Rear wheel removed.

The workmanship at Ram Racing was excellent! While it’s “only a tire replacement” to most, these guys take A LOT of pride in their work! Take a look at how they cleaned up my wheel! It now looks brand new!!

Balancing the rear Shinko 805 on the super-cleaned wheel the old-fashioned way.
Installing the rear wheel with new tires fitted. Those big blocks look bad ass!
The rear sprocket gets that super-clean treatment too!
Front wheel comes off.
Front tire replacement.
Front wheel back on.
Done! All ready for the next adventure!

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