To Melaka, 530km round trip – for Dinner!

Siu Hon suggested heading to Melaka for dinner, and since any reason to ride is a good reason! So off to Melaka we headed, and we made that 530km round trip – just for dinner!

We arranged to meet 6:30pm at Petronas, Gelang Patah. But the weather didn’t seem to agree with us. The skies opened before we left Singapore, and poured onto us all before we could even rendezvous at Gelang Patah for the ride up. This however, gave us the perfect opportunity to test some of our recently acquired wet weather gear in prep for our major trip to Northern Thailand in December.

Meet up at Gelang Patah before travelling up north.

As you can see, Siu Hon’s wet weather gear didn’t hold up too well. His waterproof boots turned into a mini aquarium – collecting water that cascaded from his poorly sealed waist area all the way into the boots itself! Eeek!

The Saturday evening North-South Highway traffic was heavy, forcing us to travel slower than usual. We arrived Melaka just past 9pm, and with just over 1/4 of fuel remaining in Looi’s Multistrada, we decided to fill up the bikers running on almost empty, before filling up the bikes. So we headed straight to Amigo Steak & Grill Restaurant along Jalan Melaka Raya 8.

The Three Red Bikes arriving in Melaka after travelling through some wet, wet, very wet stretches of road.
XL watermelon juice – that glass was bigger than my head!
We each ordered a mixed grill.
Late night dinner – at 9:45pm!

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