Sunday Morning Ride – Yet Another Off-road Adventure!

Someone challenged me to remember all the make and models of the bikes on today’s Sunday Morning Ride. Hmmm… Let me try…. We’ve got a Yamaha XJ6, 1 Honda Super 4, a MaxSym 400i, 1 Triumph Street Triple, a NC750X, 1 Honda CBR150R, 5 CB400X’s, and a Pulsar 200NS. Yup! A dozen bikes on this morning’s ride!

And today, we’re headed to a dirt track off the J173 enroute to Tg Sedili. Yup, 12 riders on street bikes attempting the off-road = helluva crazy fun! As it has been raining in Singapore over the past couple of days, we all prayed that the weather will hold up nicely on Sunday. Thankfully, we had one of the best weathers for riding – cool, cloudy and breezy, and not a hint of rain. Our prayers were answered!

I’m not gonna attempt to describe how much fun we had. Instead, I’m just gonna let the video do the talking…

All smiley and getting ready to hit the trail.

Being greeted with an awesome view at the entrance of the trail.

Prep work – everybody’s lowering our tire pressures for better traction before hitting the dirt.

Flanked by neatly planted oil palms as we rode down the tracks.

The group taking a break over some cold drinks after the ride.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Ride – Yet Another Off-road Adventure!”

  1. Good thing it didn’t rain halfway thru the ride …
    These Sticky mud terrain will make these road tyres skimming on ice …

    1. Thanks for dropping by! I’ve been busy with work of late and haven’t found the time to update. Will try to get around it sometime soon!

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