Automotive fused relay quality issues

If you’ve read my previous post on my extra wiring, I’ve introduced an automotive fused relay to my 200NS. This relay controls power to my auxiliary devices such as LED fogs, USB power, and remote alarm signal.

Wiring up for power on the Pulsar 200NS

Well, I added an additional USB power outlet this morning as I thought that it might come in useful should I decide to do a multi-day motorcycle tour. Anyway, after installation, when I tested the setup, there was no power output from the newly installed additional USB power socket.


I tried to turn on my LED fogs. No joy! =(

My initial thought was a bad USB power controller that had shorted out and blew the fuse. So I plugged out the fuse and tested it – it was okay. Then, further troubleshooting pointed to a faulty relay. It was switching – I could here the distinct relay “tick” when I powered it up. But it doesn’t seem to be bridging the 12V to the necessary power output – and therefore all the devices won’t receive the 12V DC.

Thankfully, I had a spare relay, and I swapped it out. It works now. But seeing that this relay was only installed 3 months ago, it certainly suggests questionable quality.

Guess I’m just gonna have to order a couple more pieces of this in case the new one blows out too.

Wiring diagram of my setup - see that fused relay there?
Wiring diagram of my setup – see that fused relay there?

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