LED Fog Lights install on the R1200GS LC

With my $5 relay-switched power setup installed, I can now go ahead and slap on some fog lights / aux lights on the BMW R1200GS LC.

Some inexpensive high-quality Chinese waterproof motorcycle LED fog lights. Not everything on the BMW has to be an expensive Denali, Clearwater, SW-Motech or Wunderlich.

The left fog installed.
Looking low, looking good!
The left fog.

Can’t wait to try them out on my next tour!

4 thoughts on “LED Fog Lights install on the R1200GS LC”

  1. I also want to install a fog light on my GS LC 2013 model. By any chance you can do it with me? Or help in anyway?

        1. Wound recommend that you take it to a competent mechanic instead of attempting it yourself then. Actually, the principles are the same on the GS and the Japanese (or even Indian) bikes – the relay isolates your additional circuit from the bike’s main circuits and supplies power directly from the battery.

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