CB400X DVR Installation

Say CHEESE! Snap, snap!

With the number of irresponsible road users these days, sometimes all it takes is just one idiot to bump into you and subsequently deny all responsibilities to cause your insurance claims to shoot through the roof. Worse, it was recently reported that sham accidents and motor insurance fraud is on the rise. The cheapest form of insurance against such cases would be an on-board video recorder to capture the evidence if you ever run into such incidences.

The Vsys T2 1080p FHD front and VGA rear DVR system.

After evaluating various DVR solutions, I’ve decided to go for the Vsys T2 1080p Full-HD front and VGA rear system. This offers a good balance between cost, resolution and required storage space. A 1080p FHD front and rear system would be almost double the price. Also it requires 2 micro-SD cards for storage – one for the front recording, another for the rear. On the other hand, 720p resolutions and below may be insufficient to capture the finer details of an accident scene – Full-HD is preferred.

A the CB400X has already been configured to easily supply 12V power, installation of the power supply and DVR recording unit was a breeze. The cameras are attached via some really strong 3M outdoor-quality double-sided tape. I decided to tuck the front camera under the CB400X’s beak, and the rear under the topbox rack.

Take this, you motor insurance fraudster!
See you front. See you rear too!
The Vsys DVR system comes with a wired remote controller too. Mounts nicely onto the handlebar.

The DVR not only comes in useful for capturing evidence in an accident scene, it’s really useful in helping capture my traveling adventures too! The battery of my GoPro-style SJCam SJ5000X could last approximately 90mins or so. And I often find myself running out of battery juice just as I happen to pass a really beautiful stretch of road. And because the bike-mounted DVR draws power from the motorcycle’s electrical system, it will always be powered as long as the engine is running.

Now, all I need is my next adventure!



7 thoughts on “CB400X DVR Installation”

  1. DVR is great for capturing accidents and fraudsters, but the videos are really boring for capturing adventures. They have no context (ie, you only see the road and not your bike), so there is nothing for your brain to use as a basis for comparison. They only have a fixed POV. And they capture way too much footage, since it is recording all the time. Still better to have a helmet mounted camera, so the viewpoint is dynamic. Anyway, still good for insurance purposes. Be careful with the lens though. Water can seep in and you’ll end up with a foggy lens with blurred image. Check it often to avoid that, or mount it away from direct rain.

    1. That’s true. In fact, my previous bike DVR’s front camera got water ingress and ended up with a permanently foggy lens. I’m still thinking if I could get some extra liquid protection – especially for the front lens – without affecting the image quality.

      1. And you actually trust what’s written on that Chinese manual? =P

        Yeah, I know. I saw that “IP68” rating too. But my personal experience suggested otherwise.

  2. I have been bought one of these for xmas by the wife, am i right in reading that the screen unit has to be under the seat as its not waterproof. PITA if thats the case as i have to dismantle half the bike to get the seat off !

    1. Correct. The main unit is not waterproof. And I’m curious what bike do you have that requires dismantling half the bike just to get underneath the seat? Coz AFAIK, most bikes just require the key to pop open the seat.

      1. Most cruiser-type bikes are like this, i think? I know my old bike, a cruiser, had 3 screws that needed to be removed before I could lift the seat. Also, no underseat compartment.

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