$2 Touring Seat Air Cushion

Was shopping at Daiso earlier today. Yes – that famous $2 store where everything goes for $2. And I came across this inflatable seat cushion. Thought that it might come in useful for longer motorcycle rides – similar in concept to the AirHawk, only much much cheaper. I’m yet to figure a way to secure it to the seat. But at $2, it won’t be too painful if I lose it. Just make sure I keep it slightly under-inflated.

The $2 air cushion from Daiso.
The $2 air cushion from Daiso.

8 thoughts on “$2 Touring Seat Air Cushion”

    1. Although I brought it along for the trip, I honestly ended up not using it too much. Not that it wasn’t comfortable (it was!), but that the removal and installation was too troublesome for me. But then again, at $2, I wouldn’t miss it even if I lost it.

  1. My last trip to Cha-Am, I got a small cushion and bungie chord to tie it down for the entire trip. As you had indicated, it was cheap to replace so just left it on the bike. 🙂

    1. What are you riding? I actually found the stock seat on the 200NS sufficiently comfortable and am really hesitant to do anything to alter it permanently.

  2. Fz6 Fazer. A friend got me one of those mesh seat cover to help keep my butt cool, but it works only for short rides. After 200km, my butt feels the pain. I don’t use the cushion in SG. It looks pretty bad, but my derriere thanks me using it on long roads. 😀
    I hope to do a Laos & Cambodia trip like you did. As long as I don’t need to do a carne to get into the country. I would love to do a Nepal ot Bhutan trip, but not sure about time.

    1. I had the opportunity to try out the mesh seat on the rental while I was in Chiang Mai. I’m pretty pleased with it actually. But you’re right – great for scooting around town, but may get scratchy for longer rides.

      So far, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia didn’t request to see a carnet.

      Ooh! I would love to do Nepal and Bhutan someday too. But I’ve heard that Bhutan’s relatively closed up – so not sure if foreign motorcycles are allowed entry.

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