Early Christmas Present – Scorpion Exo ADX-1 Adventure Modular

Woo hoo! I love Christmas time! 2 years ago, I celebrated Christmas early by getting myself a new helmet – the Kabuto Ibuki modular. This year, I got myself a spanking new Scorpion Exo ADX-1 Adventure Modular helmet!

You see, the Ibuki has been with me for 2 years. And it’s also been the helmet I use daily. It’s beginning to display signs of wear – the cheek pad’s torn, the face shield is scratched up, and the sun visor won’t stay in place. While I loved the Ibuki, it’s time to move on…

Picking up the Scorpion Exo ADX-1 from Regina Specialities!

Regina Specialities was having a sale, and so I took advantage of it. At $308 for the Scorpion Exo ADX-1 Adventure Modular helmet – it’s a bargain! I’ve grown to like flip-up’s – they’re super convenient when on a tour. And with my recent GS’es acquisition (I just realised I bought TWO BMW GS’es this year!), I was on the look out for an adventure-styled helmet – essentially a helmet with a peak.

A 5 year warranty from Scorpion? Wow!
Hey! My goggles fit too!

The Scorpion ADX-1 is a truly versatile helmet.

Straight from the box, it’s a dual-sport or an adventure helmet – characterised by the peak. The peak’s great for shielding from all sorts of stuff – from the low-hanging sun’s glare to roost such as stones and mud fling from the front dirt rider. Personally, I don’t really care too much for it.

And then there is the flip-up mechanism. The buttery smooth operation makes this feels like a pretty premium helmet. The flip-up mechanism definitely feels smoother and more secure than my aging Ibuki.

The Scorpion ADX-1 looks pretty cool with the peak removed too!

Scorpion up’ed the game by making the peak removable and by including the side plastic cover panel that converts the ADX-1 into a street touring helmet. Well done Scorpion!

As if that’s not enough value, Scorpion threw in an anti-fog Pinlock insert with the ADX-1 too! All these for $308? That’s a bargain!

Pinlock anti-fog insert included!
The old and the new – the Scorpion Exo ADX-1 and the Kabuto Ibuki modular / flip-up helmets side-by-side.

One thing about sizing – it seem that Scorpion underestimated the helmet size. My head circumference is a 59-60cm, and according to Scorpion (and most other helmet manufacturers) I’m a size L. But L was too much of a tight fit, and I ended up sizing up a size to XL. According to Xavier from Regina Specialities, most of the customers who purchased an ADX-1 from him ended up sizing up too.

I’ve heard so much good things about this helmet! Can’t wait to take the Scorpion Exo ADX-1 Adventure Modular helmet out on my upcoming big trip!

4 thoughts on “Early Christmas Present – Scorpion Exo ADX-1 Adventure Modular”

  1. congrats on getting an. awesome helmet, I’ve been wearing the adx1 for the past year, do take note to tighten the thumbscrews at least every 2 weeks, especially if you are using the peak, particularly the right-side, due to the way the chin bar flips up and the screw threads

    a solution I have to this issue is to get a rubber washer, the kind used for your kitchen sinks, and put that between the screw and plastic washer, it prevents the thumbscrew from slipping

    my friends and I have had instances where the thumbscrew flew out while riding


  2. I am planning to get this helmet and have read reviews that it can be noisy even with earplugs. Is it true?

    1. They are a tad bit noisier than the Caberg I’m now using as a daily helmet, but it really doesn’t bother me. I use earplugs almost all the time.

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